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Tip, Vikas, and Trent

Taken in 2017, this was the day Tip and his friend Trent met Vikas, one of the Varanasi skaters  skating the banks of the Ganges River

Give Skate believes that anyone with a desire to skate should have access to the gear that helps them achieve a happier, healthier life. Through donations of gear and other resources, Give Skate works to support skate communities around the globe that may struggle to have the same opportunities as others. Give Skate is a fluid organization that works to help in a variety of causes when and where it can. If you are part of or know an organization that could use a helping hand with skate gear, please reach out. While we can’t guarantee assistance to every request, Give Skate strives to support the communities and projects where we feel we can provide the greatest impact.

In 2016, Tip Dunn quit his job to travel the world with his soon to be wife. During the next two years, Tip trekked around seventeen countries with a backpack and a skateboard strapped on the side. Always looking for skate spots, but more importantly, skaters, Tip attempted to meet as many new skaters as he could in the places he visited. In early 2017 while visiting the holy city of Varanasi, India, Tip encountered two Indian skaters who changed his life. Quickly forming a tight brotherly bond with local Varanasi skaters Sagar and Vikas, Tip was taken in by these two skater, not only to skate with them and see their spots but to meet their families and understand more about their daily lives too. It became quickly evident how much Sagar and Vikas loved skateboarding and how important it was to them, but they also expressed that obtaining a skateboard in India was tough. Real tough. Although things are slowly changing these days, not many places sell skateboards in India and even if there are places to buy a board, the cost is often prohibitive for the majority of Indians. 


Tip sadly parted ways with Vikas and Sagar as he continued his travels but was determined to keep them rolling with gear if they weren't able to get it themselves. Shortly after, Tip was living in Melbourne, Australia, where he noticed how many used but perfectly functional skateboards were just lying around. He started collecting used boards that had been discarded at skate shops and others that were collecting dust in friends’ closets. The first shipment of collected gear was mailed to Sagar and Vikas in Varanasi in March 2018 and thus, Give Skate was born. 


Give Skate is 100% powered by a team of amazing volunteers. Meet our Directors who are helping to create positive change through skateboarding.

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Tip Dunn



Trent Jones

Programming Editor


Gregory Strompolos

Assistant Manager






Gregory Strompolos

Director of Partnerships


Trenton Jones

Director of Fundraising

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